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8 Foods That Affect the Sex Life of Men

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Sexual life has ups and downs, problems and stress is noted as one of the main factors affecting men.

But, according to The Guardian, Business Insider and GQ, the sex life of the male gender is being destroyed by various factors, such as porn addiction and poor diet.

That men constantly live with low levels of testosterone, greatly reduces libido (the sex drive) causing poor performance and even erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone is not only responsible for a better sex life, its constant production in the body of man is essential to keep it healthy and avoid hormonal imbalances.

In addition, it keeps the prostate and testicles healthy, in addition to being responsible for boosting the development of muscles, bones and body beauty. So, it is better to avoid previous foods and focus on food to have more energetic days.

Here the foods that according to the mentioned portals affect the sexual life of men:


Why?: Commercially produced cheese has high levels of synthetic hormones, which prevents the ones we own operate properly. Not only does it reduce testosterone, women can feel drastic changes due to lack of estrogen.

Replaces with: Oysters… Although very different from cheese, it is another dish considered gourmet and – although not an aphrodisiac as many believe – its high content of zinc helps maintain good testosterone levels.


Why? Menthol is responsible for reducing testosterone levels. This applies both to mint candies, the little touch that is added to the mojitos and the plant alone.

Replaces with: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower. This type of vegetable helps the removal of estrogen outside the body, allowing the testosterone level naturally. In addition, they are much healthier and can be used as a snack or as a small ornament for a saucer.

Corn Flakes

Why?: Although it seems unusual, the Corn Flakes were created to diminish the sex drive. By creating a simple grain cereal, it lowers testosterone levels and makes libido disappear.

Replaces with: Whole or fortified cereals. There are better alternatives to commercial cereals. Some are high in Vitamin D (necessary to balance testosterone levels) and others are also focused on providing high nutrients to maintain a good diet.

Alcohol and diet drinks

Why?: In the case of diet drinks, artificial sweeteners affect testosterone and serotonin levels causing low libido. On the other hand, alcohol in large quantities serves as a depressant for the body and prevents it from functioning properly, completely reducing sexual desire (or affecting its performance). In fact, beer prevents the liver from eliminating estrogen, hormone contrary to testosterone.

Replaces with: Milk… of course, nothing can replace alcohol, but at least low-fat milk has vitamin D that ensures you maintain proper levels.

Microwave Popcorn

Why?: In addition to popcorn sweeteners also motivate low testosterone levels, they can cause prostate problems.

Replace with: Watermelon or grapes. The first, in addition to helping the release of testosterone, improves blood flow. And, according to research in Hong Kong, grapes motivate the body to produce that hormone.


Why?: Phytoestrogens simulate the behavior of the hormone produced mainly by women, so both women and men may have hormonal imbalances for this product.

Replace with: Tuna or red meat. The former is linked to high levels of testosterone thanks to vitamin D. It also ensures a prolonged activation of the hormone. Red meat, although still considered bad for health (in excess) is ideal to recover testosterone.

Sweet bread (Trans fats)

Why?: Any food high in sugar puts testosterone levels at risk because it triggers the hormone insulin, which causes fat stores in a small belly, which encourages the rise in estrogen levels and the Body has a hormonal problem, reducing the sex drive.

Replace with: Eggs… or more specifically, egg yolks. Although it is necessary to take care of cholesterol, that food is rich in Vitamin D, the essential that we have mentioned along this list.


Why?: Although it is also known as an aphrodisiac, in reality its effects are like that of a drug, so, after giving the feeling of euphoria, the mood levels go down and with them, those of testosterone.

Replaces with: Bananas. This fruit has an enzyme called bromelain, which influences the production of the hormone of which we have spoken. It is a better snack that also gives energy to the body.

Best Vitamins For Erections – Are You Ready To Have The Best Sex Life?

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

There is no bedroom issue quite as distressing as a soft manhood, but your penis problem is a more common issue than you think.

As many as 25 million American men suffer from erectile dysfunction of all age groups and as little as one in four seek treatment.

We are all familiar about the little blue pill that can fix the failure to rise but you do not necessarily need any medications to restore your erections. The good news is there are natural solutions that work well for men and some research suggests that certain vitamins for ed and supplements can also help. Around 70 percent of ED treatments are restored using home remedies and natural treatments.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by a handful of things, but one thing’s for sure: you need a healthy supply of the best vitamins for erections to achieve and maintain an healthy sex life. Healthy blood vessels are necessary for good circulation, as blood is pumped around the body to carry nutrients to the cells.Vitamins can help the blood vessels to dilate or open so blood can fill the manhood. As you get older you will possibly need more nutrients than your diet can supply. Fortunately, you can boost your intake of nutrients with vitamins supplements along with improved diet as outlined below.

Medications like Viagra can fix this problem for a few hours, but vitamins and amino acids have been eliminating erection problems for centuries. Even though these vitamin supplements are natural, vitamins and amino acids can interact with medications, so it is important to seek advice from your doctor before you add any vitamin to your daily routine. This is also recommended since studies have shown that erection issues can be linked to larger health issues.

The Best Vitamins For Impotence

These are the best vitamins for erections and have been eliminating erection problems long before the little blue pill became a popular quick fix.

Vitamin C
In addition to boosting your immune system, vitamin C is also important to preserving health. This in turn has been associated with increased sexual performance.

Vitamin D
Researchers have found that men who are vitamin D deficient were far more likely to have difficulty getting it up than those men who have sufficient levels. This vitamin is crucial for keeping blood vessels healthy. Without this, blood flow is restricted, affecting everything from your circulation and your ability to get a hard-on.

Vitamin B3
The vitamin helps increase blood flow and erectile function and a deficiency is one of the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.

Folic Acid
Erectile problems can sometimes be linked to cardiovascular issues. If your heart isn’t in full health, your sex life maybe suffering as result. Men who suffer with moderate to severe erection problems have significantly lower levels of folic acid than guys without the issue. The B vitamin has been shown to work with nitric oxide which would explain why an absence of it would lead to problems in the manhood. This seems to help with erectile dysfunction more than some medications. Treatment with folic acid resulted in men having an increase in their erectile strength.

This mineral is needed for a healthy sex life and a deficiency is linked to low testosterone levels which contributes to weaker erections. Zinc supplements can significantly improve matters in the bedroom. Food items loaded with Zinc can include oysters, shellfish, nuts and seeds.

Erectile dysfunction is best treated by tackling the actual cause of the problem, whether this is physical or psychological reason. On top of using the best vitamins for erections, include a healthy diet that is high in fibre and nutrients. Eat fresh vegetables, apples, oats and whole grains.